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“Choosing a preschool for my daughter was a big decision and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Sharon and all the ladies at Wendover preschool clearly genuinely care for every child and have a high level of experience and expertise looking after preschool children. Their approach is child-led and they are very supportive in meeting my daughter’s individual special needs regarding toileting, always happy to talk about how to move things forward and deal with any challenges in partnership. The preschool is so warm and welcoming that it feels like a family and I can’t recommend it highly enough”


“Before Wendover Preschool I never imagined leaving my son with anyone, the thought of it filled me with anxiety but from my very first visit to the school I felt immediately comfortable and in safe hands. All the ladies are absolutely amazing, they go above and beyond. In his first term my son was upset to leave me but Sharon worked her magic and now I struggle to get him to leave. He loves it there and his development and confidence since he started is better than I had ever hoped for. Thank you all so much for your hard work we truly appreciate it.“


My daughter really does love every minute of her time with you and is very fond of all the teachers particularly her Key-person. It really does feel like I am leaving her in the hands of loving family members.


We just want to thank you for always being available on a daily basis to chat about any minor concerns we may have, for being so friendly and providing a safe, secure, fun and happy environment for our children. We are very lucky to have Wendover Preschool on our door step.

Joy & Steve

I love all of you ladies
You really are the best.
Even though there have been times
I've put you to the test!

You've taught me, oh, so many things
Each and every day.
You've all been so supportive
In lots of different ways.

We've done loads of different things
From role plays, computers to games.
My favourite thing though has to be
Pretending to be trains!

Now the time has come to say goodbye
I will really miss you all.
But thank you for all your help -
I'm ready now for school!


We love the Wendover PreSchool! My daughter comes home smiling and joking everyday, keen to show me what she's been making and tell me who she's been playing with. She talks about the staff no end and is disappointed on the mornings when she doesn't go to 'school.' It's a home-from-home environment, where she feels comfortable, relaxed and confident to develop her social skills as well as being actively stimulated to build a basis for future academic learning. I can't speak highly enough of the staff and the environment they create here.


Jessica simply loves the preschool, literally jumps up and down with excitement saying ‘yay!!!’ when I tell her it’s a preschool day. However she won’t tell me a thing about what goes on there – she is really secretive! I ask her every day what she got up to and says ‘I don’t know’ or ‘played with the animals’ – I KNOW she does a lot more than that! It was really nice knowing the theme of each week so I could specifically ask her about the Lion King or Little Mermaid (although she still didn’t give much away) She got excited knowing what the theme was going to be on a Sunday night, recognising the films and songs and anticipating what may be going on at preschool that week.

The thing she definitely brings back with her is the singing, she is often singing songs I have never heard that must be from preschool, she loves those. And thinking about it, the Hungry Caterpillar week was one that she really enjoyed, she kept asking me to read it over and over again, and repeated the book verbatim. (maybe it was all that eating leaves and pickles he he).

I really appreciate the Facebook updates as I can’t drop off or pick up from the preschool as often as I would like. Its great having some connection to what is happening (particularly with Jess being so mysterious about what she gets up to) it definitely helps me feel part of the preschool community!

I honestly can’t think of any ‘constructive criticism’ it’s a wonderful preschool and I’m so pleased that Jess goes there, keep it up!

Suzanne Hughes

Being new to Wendover back in 2005 I had little idea about schools let alone pre-schools for my children who started to arrive in 2006. Having been told that spaces were tight I rang round the list provided by the health visitor and had a lovely chat with Wendover pre-school's administrator who gave me some good advice. My oldest child started in 2008 and with a few exceptions the staff have remained a constant with the new manager pulling together an already well experienced, qualified and amazingly patient team of ladies. Two of my children have now been through the pre-school with the youngest staying for another year and i couldn't have been happier with my children's experiences. Their happy smiley faces and sadness when it is not a school day tells me all that I need to know. Wendover pre-school is a small friendly setting with an emphasis on the child and their development something that is easily missed in the large settings. Parents are encouraged to get involved and it has been a pleasure being a part of that.   My children will always treasure their time at Wendover pre-school and their learning journeys will always give us happy memories of how much they progressed in their time at the pre-school.

I would recommend the pre-school to anyone that asked as I have nothing but good to say about the school and all who work within it.

Sarah Smith

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